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Personalised Professional Branding for Job Seekers

Job Interview

Are you looking to advance your career, and finding that you are not getting interviews?
.... Maybe your CV is not working. 


  • Progressing and changing your career

  • Structuring and preparing for your job search

  • Building confidence by strengthening your professional story

  • Standing out from the crowd with well-presented and detailed documents

I am a professional writer for Successful Resumes, a trusted personal branding, resume writing and career consulting agency. I am fully trained in contemporary CV writing, with the first course completed in 2000, and use a personalised approach to help professionals, ranging from executives to students, to confidently market themselves to achieve their career goals. I have extensive experience with an excellent track record of success for clients, tailoring and producing detailed and personalised documents that target roles/industries, ensuring my clients stand out from the crowd. 

> I have created hundreds of impactful documents: CVs / Cover Letters / LinkedIn Profiles / Briefs / Expression of Interest / Selection Criteria Responses


> Across a range of occupations: Executive C-Level / Management / Career / Trades / Graduate


> In various fields/industries:  Government / Nursing / Teaching / STEM / ICT / Mining / Finance / Retail & Hospitality ... to name a few. 

What separates me from other writers is my vast life experience which aids me in my ability to connect and understand people from all walks of life. I am adaptable with my approach to suit the customer's capabilities and needs.  We dive deep into past responsibilities and achievements and comb through professional stories to fully prepare for that dream role.


My consultations build confidence and assist with structuring interview responses and job searches. The professionals I have worked with have found, not just that they are getting interviews, but that they are able to negotiate and apply for higher-paying roles. 


I am highly invested in clients' outcomes, and the 'I got the job!' message is what keeps me passionately writing and consulting in this field. 

A professionally written CV should be engaging and highlight your talent, relevant skills and experience to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers within seconds.

Documents that I produce are Contemporary, Strong, Organised, Detailed, Personalised 
with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Email me your current documents for a free and confidential review.

  • CVs focused on structure and presentation 

  • Persuasive Cover Letters

  • Impactful LinkedIn profiles

  • Key Selection Criteria / Briefs

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compliant

  • Keyword optimised documents

  • Interview Training

  • LinkedIn

My LinkedIn Profile

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